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Women golfers often feel perplexed when looking for the right bra model as many of them fail to deliver the performance they expect to get. When spending hours on the golf course, you need the utmost comfort and support to be able to produce a full-blown swing for maximum speed and distance. To help our fellow ladies golfers cut the search and get the most convenient bra model we did market research, as we have dedicated this site to be the first stop for golfers in need. Our research results took us to Adidas Alphaskin sports bra which has been rated very high.

Nothing surprised us here though, we are all aware that Adidas is a big player in the sports world, so it comes kind of expected to realize that one of the best bra designs come from this company. In the long and fruitful manufacturing process, Adidas has created a variety of versatile designs that belong to the performance line so that athletes can improve their performance and focus more on the game rather than their sensations.

What makes Adidas top performer among the sports companies is their dedication to upgrading their technologies and optimize their production by using renewable resources such as plastic waste. This process has marked a new era for Adidas and some of the models within the Alphaskin line have been made from recycled materials. This way, Adidas proves that it isn't only concerned about the athletes but about the environment as well, since only a healthy and clean environment can stimulate athletes to strive for more.

Knowing that Alphaskin is a nature-care product and that it is created from the latest Adidas technologies, enhances women's confidence that the bra they are wearing is beneficial to them as much as it is beneficial for nature.

So, what kind of a bra would be the perfect bra for a female golfer? Many put comfort as the number one priority claiming that golfers need reassurance that all those hours on the course won't feel ages because of the uncomfortable clothes and underwear they have on. In addition to this, they need stability, good and snug fit and a bra that won't be sweaty and wet.

The Adidas Alpha Skin bra ticks all the boxes on the list and offers something for anyone, so let's take a look at the models and why this bra is one of the best.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Medium support for medium impact exercises

Made from 88% polyester and 12 elastane

Alphaskin technology delivers a compression fit to reduce muscle vibration

Kinetic wrapped construction allows full freedom of movement

UPF 50+ UV protection

Breathable design with mesh in the center

Heat management and moisture-wicking properties

Racerback style and Pullover closure

Multiple colors and designs


Some golfers complained it isn’t big enough for women who wear larger sizes

General Description

Adidas offers several lines of bra models for different impact activities and support demands. Dividing them into three separate groups, Adidas makes it easy for women to choose the appropriate model based on the activity she is going to do. Therefore, low impact activities require light support and the featured models within this group belong to the All Me Bra line up. These bras are generally lightweight and they have minimal padding with a second-skin feel.

High impact activities require high support so that women can dedicate themselves to the sport without feeling uncomfortable and unstable un the chest area. The bra models that belong to this lineup are called Stronger For It and they are differently designed compared to the rest of the bra models. The straps they feature are thicker and they come with molded cups. There are mesh panels for greater ventilation, and the only thing they have in common with the rest of the model is the second-skin effect.

The third category of Adidas bra models is of those that are intended for medium-impact activities and offer medium support. The line that belongs to this category is Don’t Rest Alphaskin bras, made with high compression and knit fabric. Golf is generally a medium impact activity, and this is the reason why we have selected this model as our featured recommendation. The Adidas Alphaskin Bra is made from a flexible and breathable fabric that provides a locked-in feel.

Alphaskin Technology

This is one of the latest Adidas technologies that utilizes compression to help athletes enhance their performance. When we think about compression, we usually think of compression socks or an injury band that helps athletes recover faster, but it isn’t usually associated with something that can be worn casually. However, Adidas decided to use the benefits of the compression products and use them in their newly released compression line called Alphaskin.

All the apparel that is designed with this technology provides help with the stabilization of the muscles in order to increase the blood flow to muscles and the blood circulation in the body. This is considered to be very important because it removes the friction that occurs while you train and therefore decrease the distractions from your focus on the activity that you’ve been doing.

There are three levels of compression that Alphaskin technology uses to the pieces of the garment it produces. The highest level is Alphaskin 360 which feels tight and thick and delivers a secure feel. As the company realized that the greatest friction occurs in the waist area, they designed their pieces of clothing with a significantly modified waistband to deliver snug but comfortable feel. The Alphaskin 360 delivers locked-in feel, while the seams are flat, reflective and bonded and yield a distraction-feel fit.

The medium compression comes from Alphaskin Tech which is intended for a flattering and supportive fit. It is usually combined with Climachill technology which enables athletes to remain cool and dry. The Alphaskin Sport offers the lightest compression for a supportive feel and together with the Climacool technology offer apparel which keeps the athletes cool and dry.


Materials are the key "ingredient" in the construction of every product because they influence the behavior of the product. The Adidas Alphaskin bra is a performance bra, and it is determined as such because it is made from performance materials.

The key material is polyester with 88% of the complete structure. Polyester is one of the most commonly used materials when it comes to sports garments because it dries very easily, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable, and it has a high stretching capacity. Plus, it has a water-resistant capacity and can't get easily soaked. These features make polyester a perfect base for performance apparel like for golf, which when processed by proprietary technologies, you get a highly effective fabric.

The rest 12% include elastane, the material which adds elasticity and snug feel when worn. Together with polyester these materials enhance the properties of the bra, like elastic support and increased comfort.

Moisture-Wicking Property

One of the greatest advantages of the performance materials is their ability to wick moisture from the skin. This means that when you start sweating, the material will pull the sweat from the surface of your skin to the surface of the material where it can easily evaporate. While this process is happening, it actually regulates the heat by creating a cooling effect which helps athletes feel refreshed.

Plus, the construction is extra breathable with mesh in the center back with exposed brushed elastic band. This way, you’ll make sure that the bra will provide the utmost comfort and feeling of being fresh.

Fabric Features

Thanks to the enhanced properties of the used materials, the material is very flexible and allows dynamic sports movement. It has a kinetic wrapped construction which allows full freedom of movement without causing any distractions regardless of the intensity of the exercises you’re doing.

Since this bra can be worn individually as the only piece of the garment during hot summer days, it features UPF 50+ UV protection. This is the maximum UV protection on a piece of garment, so you can do your workouts under the hot sun, knowing that you are protected from the harmful UV rays.

Design and Fit

Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sport Bra features two design types that are distinguished in the logo presence. The regular model features the three-stripe design on the left side and it is minimal size, while the Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sport Bra Logo Pack has the three stripe design all over the front part with the Adidas branding. Both models come in multiple color options to choose from and both models feature a racerback style. The pullover closure fits perfectly the overall compression fit design with and the special attention is given the support band which is very lightweight and which removes the friction and reduces muscle vibration.

Regarding the fitting, it is crucial to select the model that matches your size so that you enjoy the benefit of all the features it offers. Therefore, we advise you to closely refer to the chart that informs you of proper reading the Alpha sizing, as this model comes in Alpha size. The band size starts from 28” to maximum 44” with A-Cup to E-Cup sizing.


Taking good care of your apparel means that it will serve you longer, so it is very important to take care of it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The Adidas Alphaskin Bra does require special care, so machine washing is not recommended. The best way to wash it would be handwashing with mild soap and warm but not hot water. It is not recommended tumble drying nor putting it in the dryer as it can easily get damaged, so you can just hang it to dry on its own, which does happen fast thanks to the quick-drying properties that the materials feature.

Key Features

What it is very important to remember about the Adidas Alphaskin Bra is the fact that the Don’t Rest model provides medium support for medium intense workouts such is golf. Designed with the proprietary Alphaskin technology it uses different compression levels so that it provides greater support and optimal personal performance. The Climacool technology boosts the moisture-wicking properties and enhances the quick-drying feature. The mesh that is positioned in the center back and the exposed brushed elastic band is a guarantee that you won’t get irritated and annoyed by feeling hot and sweaty. The UPF 50+ UV protection ensures that the harmful sun rays won’t interfere with your performance.

The kinetic wrapped construction allows unhindered performance for full-blown swings as this is the key to lowering your score. You can choose a plain color design with minimal logo on the left or the three-stripe logo fully covering the front part.

Key Features

  • Medium support for medium-impact exercises

  • Made from 88% polyester and 12 elastane

  • Alphaskin technology delivers a compression fit to reduce muscle vibration

  • Kinetic wrapped construction allows full freedom of movement

  • UPF 50+ UV protection

  • Breathable design with mesh in the center

  • Heat management and moisture-wicking properties

  • Racerback style and Pullover closure

  • Multiple colors and designs

Bottom Line

The Adidas Alphaskin bra is a perfect choice for female golfers thanks to the Alphaskin technology that ensures compression fit and maximizes the comfortable fit by enhancing the performance. The knit fabric is easy to dry and it creates the second-skin effect that makes the bra very comfortable to wear. It is firm but at the same time flexible so that you can play golf for hours without feeling tight or uncomfortable. The locked-in feel is enhanced with its design that ensures that everything is in its place. All-in-all, it is high performing bra which is a perfect solution for the golf course.