Adidas Adipower Weightlift Shoes

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Golfing is one of the best past times a person could have. Not only is it relaxing, but it's a great way to take yourself out of your day to day life. It's also a fantastic way to connect with your friends too! But when you start golfing, you don't always fully anticipate just how much you will need to properly enjoy the sport. In your first few months or so of golfing, have just the essentials is fine. But if you want to take this sport and hobby seriously, and be taken seriously while you're on the golfing green, then you need to ensure you're well equipped for the golf course.

As sentimental as hand-me-down clubs, golf bags, and balls maybe they don't really have a place on the golfing green. Golf equipment manufacturers bring out new equipment and different ranges out on a regular basis for a reason, so you have access to only the very best and enhance your performance on the course. But there is one golfing essential that is often overlooked, something we use on a regular basis.

Shoes are the ultimate essential because we wear them everywhere. But because golf course terrains are so diverse and can differ greatly (as well as be easily affected by the elements) it is essential that you have a pair of shoes that will support your feet, yourself as well as tackle the golf course. After all, you typically walk quite the distance on these courses, even with a golf buggy.

You need a pair of shoes that will take the pressure and stress of your day-to-day golfing adventure. Something that won't start to pull apart or wear out within a few weeks.

The shoes you use for golfing should be resilient, sturdy and reliable, offering you comfort and support regardless of how much you've been walking or how long you've had them on your feet. If you're looking for shoes like this then you need to turn to a brand that you can rely on, a brand which has spent years establishing themselves as one of the leaders in comfortable, durable and stylish sports footwear. This is where Adidas come in.

Adidas Adipower Weightlift Shoes are the perfect addition to your golfing wardrobes, as well as your everyday life thanks to their limitless durability, comfort, stability, and flexibility. They're ready for whatever your feet may have thrown their way and can adapt to many different environments!

If you flex your feet soon after putting them on you will be able to notice how well they handle and adapt to the shape and movement of your feet. One of the primary noteworthy things about these shoes is how comfortable they are. The shape and structure of these shoes perfectly accommodate many different shapes, and you'll also appreciate that the arches of the shoes are not too high either. Not only that but they have a small selection of color schemes for you to choose from too. With all of this being said, there is little wonder why so many people choose these shoes, they're truly versatile and accommodating to your needs.

But of course, let us have a closer examination of all the reasons why the Adidas Adipower Weightlift Shoes are the best pair of shoes for the golf course and for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Luxuriously comfortable with plenty of flexibility within the shoe which is ideal for coping with varying terrains and conditions on the golf course.
  • Versatile styling allows you to take these shoes from your everyday life, straight onto the golf course.
  • Shoelace and hook and loop strap fastening allows for a secure yet fully adaptable fit, which allows you to personalize the fit and puts you in charge of your own comfort.
  • Made with a luxurious PU coated leather upper for a waterproof finish that oozes style.
  • Anti-slip sole allows you to work slip-free and securely without on most surfaces.
  • The limited collection of color schemes for you to choose from maybe a downside for some wearers who like to stand out from the crowd and are conscious about their image.

Heel Height & Structure

Heel height is something a lot of people forget about. It's typically an overlooked area, which many don't consider. But in reality, the height of the heel should be taken seriously as this will not only affect the overall look of the shoes but also how they feel while on your feet. Not only this but the height of the heel affects the overall compression.

When you're golfing you are not only walking vast distances but you are also carrying a lot of things with you too. Your clubs, golf accessories and the golf bag itself all add up in terms of weight. This means your shoulders and your feet are getting the brunt of the pressure placed throughout your body. If the heel within your shoes is compressible, then most of the forces you use to carry all this weight will be lost, creating more pressure and strain throughout your body and feet.

That's why you ideally need a non-compressible heel, which works to help you carry weight from the upper parts of your body. This is just what the TPU raised heel was designed for.

The Adipower Weightlift shoes are exactly the type of shoes you need to not only help combat the tricky terrain of the golf course but also to assist you in carrying all your equipment too. The heel height within these shoes is 0.75", which is a great heel height for dealing with these things. The TPU heel is also very enduring and promises to last for a number of years without a decrease in power or performance.

True To Size

One thing that is important to note is that these shoes are true to size on normal-sized feet, something to keep in mind if you have wide or narrow shaped feet. If you have wide feet, in particular, it is advisable that you order a size up in order to prevent your feet from being squished.


A sign of a high-quality pair of shoes is the materials used within their construction. If manufacturers and designers use quality materials, then the shoes will be less likely to deteriorate and fall apart. Not only that but you'll also be less likely to come across issues with overheated feet, water damage and irritation. These common foot and shoe problems can be easily resolved with the assistance of the right materials.

As we previously mentioned, these shoes are made with a PU leather upper. This choice of material ensures you have a comfortable and secure fit. The PU leather not only helps make the shoe water-resistant, but it also has to the overall flexibility of the shoes. Some customers and reviewers have mentioned that they've needed to break in these shoes, however, this is a common necessity of most new shoes. It simply allows it to get used to the shape and form of your feet, enabling it to protect and comfort them more efficiently.

The mesh tongue and side detailing helps provide your shoes with a breathable fit and feel. This not only helps you cool your feet in warm and humid situations, but it also helps reduce smelly feet. Of course, if you want to take this reduction of smell to the extreme, then it is advisable that you treat the inside of your shoes with an anti-sweat/smell spray to prevent this further.

The shoes also utilize soft fabric within the shoe for a comfortable and cozy fit. Furthermore, this shoe comes with a padded tongue and padded collar, which works to cushion the front of your foot as well as your heel, helping you to walk easily and with next to no discomfort. Lastly, the outsole is made out of anti-slip rubber, which helps cushion your feet while providing you with slip-free movement.

Flexiblity & Comfort

When it comes to shoes, particularly shoes that you will be wearing frequently in varying environments, it's important that they are comfortable. When you consider that the average golfer spends four to six hours on the golfing green, this point is stressed even more.

Thankfully these shoes are well known for their comfort and flexibility. This is thanks to a number of factors, including the shoes' construction as well as the fabrics and materials used too. They really are ideal for wearing on the course.

Most golfers will not struggle to wear these shoes for hours at a time, thanks to their unique and impressive design which was created to enhance your feets comfort while on the course. These shoes offer endless durability, comfort, and protection against the elements, all while accommodating the movement of your feet.

Not only that but the shoe fastening system also allows for additional comfort, as well as security. Because they use both shoelaces and a hook and loop strap, you can comfortably secure your feet within the shoe, reducing the chance of your feet moving freely within the shoe, which often causes discomfort and sore.

Flexibility also impacts the level of comfort you experience with the shoe, but thankfully for everyone, this isn't an issue with this pair.

While some breaking in may be needed within these shoes, they're overall incredibly flexible. This not only helps with weight transfer, but it also helps accommodate your feet's natural movement while you're walking around on the golf course.

When they're on your feet, they feel completely natural and utterly comfortable.
The flexibility goes throughout the shoe's upper fabric and materials to the sole, offering endless movement.


Stability is a much-needed necessity when it comes to sports shoes. You need to be certain that the shoes will not only deal with your weight but that they will also handle the weight of the things you are carrying, such as clubs, irons, and golf bags.

This is an area in which some shoe manufacturers fall, and it only proves itself as a token of their product's ineffectiveness. Thankfully the Adipowers shoes are incredibly stable and resilient. Your feet will barely move within them, and you'll barely notice any issues with the shoes while they are on your feet.


With this pair of shoes, you really are getting value for money. True, you may have to break them in for a little while, but once this has been done you have endless comfort, stability, and support! These are qualities hard to find in most shoes, and it serves as a sign of their high quality.

You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed with the durability or performance of these shoes. If anything you will want to keep them on all day every day, not just on the golf course.

Key Features

With a long list of incredible innovations and features, there is little wonder why these shoes are becoming a popular staple in many people's golf course look. Not only are they flexible and stylish, but their high level of endurance is remarkable.

Key Features

  • PU-Coated Leather Upper works to increase the overall flexibility of the shoe, providing additional comfort.

  • The Hoop-Loop Strap, located within the instep, delivers maximized weight-bearing capacity, keeping you stable and sturdy while carrying heavy loads.

  • The Air Mesh Tongue and Heel Collar allows an increase in airflow, which helps keep your feet cool, comfortable and virtually sweat-free.

  • The specialized Torsion System allows your feet to move freely thanks to its flexibility.

Bottom Line

If you're looking to invest in a new pair of shoes for the golf course, and you're usually carrying a golf bag with plenty of clubs inside it, then you may want to consider purchasing these shoes. They're durable, sturdy, fashion-forward, and an absolute must-have too!

But, once more I'd like to point out that if you have narrow or wide feet that you may have to size up accordingly to comfortably accommodate the shape of your feet. If you don't have narrow or wide feet, then don't panic! They're true to size!